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"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind..."

Hi! I'm Paola. 21. Left handed. I'm a Leo. Spend more time making my soul beautiful than my appearance. In love with love. Night sky lover. Believe in karma. Psychology student. Hungry for knowledge. Passion is everything. Pure hearted. Strong-willed. I have a voice and I want it to be heard, but I also like to listen... Don't be afraid to talk to me. Peace. =)






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I am Feminist.


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"If the two of you connect emotionally, wouldn’t any one be beautiful to you despite their appearance?"

Anonymous: That was beautiful; thank you for sharing it.


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The absence of an enthusiastic yes, is a no.

The absence of an informed yes, is a no.

The absence of a sober yes, is a no.

The absence of a response, is a no.

The existence of coercion, is a not a yes.

The existence of manipulation, is a not a yes.

The existence of guilt, is a not a yes.

A no is always a no. A yes is only a yes if it stands up by itself, without force or persuasion of any kind.

Anonymous: Was there a moment or event in your life that first sparked what would become your interest in the feminist movement?

It’s more than just a moment. I was raised (most of my life) by a single mother and I saw her transform beautifully into an independent, hardworking woman who did it all by herself; from fixing tires, to doing all sorts of housework, work, and raise me without having a college degree or previous work experience. She was able to give up the 18 year marriage with the father of her child (going through her mother’s death simultaniously) and go through many, many struggles, yet she achieved all the success she deserved; embracing the strenght and intelligence she already had. I admire her a lot for that, in spite of other differences we may have. I first studied in an all girls school in which I was talked to about feminism and women’s history for the first time. It all made too much sense to me. I was, therefore a “street feminist” from a very early age. It became formal one or two years ago in college when I started studying and reading about it in a deeper level. Specially after social psychology and psychology of gender class. I’ve changed a lot in my views and I was able to understand other, more subtle ways in which sexism manifests, which is why now I have a better understanding on the matter. Simply paying attention to the media, the news and our surroundings is enough to see all the work that is yet to be done. Ive been working voluntarilly in different researches, protests and projects related to gender and I am now determined that my passion is to work to fight against different kinds of oppression and defend human rights through my work. I am probably going to study Social Psychology instead of clinical psychology, which was not my original plan. I know that I still have a lot to learn.

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